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    Discovery Bay  HK$350 per delivery
    Shenzhen, PRC  Subject to Written Quotation
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We Cure . Solve and Study the Hair Loss Crisis

Wan Wong - The founder of Abhilfe, led her team to research and develop clean and free of impurities containing natural care formulations. Abhilfe is able to deep clean and decomposition and discharge of contaminants on the scalp, which makes strong and healthy hair regrowth and rebirth.

Abhilfe through continuous tests and we come to the actual effect of the effective hair care products from polluting the main ingredients of tea seed planted with full staffing refining.


 We Sincerely Hope


Hair Caring


How to use (Abhilfe Shampoo) :

First wet hair with warm water, using 2 - 3 ml shampoo tea seed evenly wipe the head, scrub 1 - 3 minutes, then rinse with water. Please be sure to wash once again the same way, the effect can make up to the best!


Abhilfe absolutely has no ordinary shampoo contain chemicals! Ingredients absolutely healthy! Even newborn babies can also be used. Initial use Abhilfe general will find good foaming shampoo because Abhilfe not have an adverse effect on the human body contains the chemical composition - foaming agent.


Relatively small foam frother no reason other than that due to excessive hair pomade and head meat stocking.


Reminder :

  • If it gets, just rinse with water
  • After shampooing set to use: Abhilfe conditioner because the role of conditioner is to give a message to the head of the skin, scalp reduction so that the oil can reduce hair loss caused due to excessive secretion of pomade.


Abhilfe "Zhou Pure Seed" hair mask:

Penetration is not with the general restructuring cream ointment ingredients, because of the general ointment can only be done on the hair supple surface.  And it aims to recombine cores of hair, continuously use the hair mask can be recoverable at least about 80% of the health effects of hair! 


How much to use :

Weight about a 50 cent size 


How to use (hair mask) :

After using the shampoo: apply from the scalp, the hair root to hair tail evenly


Reminder :

If it gets, just rinse with water










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